Mead pairs well with:


Tea – it is perfect companion to warm herbal teas, as well as adds whole additional flavor variety to most popular black teas. Can be drank separate from the tea or even added to the tea itself.


Cheeses – dry meads pairs well with hard cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Emmental or Queso Manchego. Also cleats unique composition if paired with traditional Eastern/Central European curd cheeses.


Desserts – many deserts pairs well with meads, especially the ones that has honey in it. That could be honey cake or tart.

Fish dishes

Fish dishes – grilled white or red fish with vegetable s pair amazingly well with dry, floral meads.

Finger food

Finger food – sparkling mead pairs perfectly with finger food, such as hard cheese cubes, salty crackers, bread, fruits.

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