GAMAY is one of the most popular grapes in the world as millions of people started to enjoy and taste it as Beaujolais Nouveau, Beaujolais Villages or Beaujolais Cru villages. Today this grape is grown in Beaujolais region of Burgundy and Loire Valley in France, also Switzerland, Canada and USA (Oregon).

75% of total GAMAY are grown in Beaujolais region in France. Mostly this grape is used to make basic quality wine Beaujolais Nouveau (~45% of total worldwide production of Gamay), around 19% of Gamay grapes are made into Beaujolais Villages – mid range red wine quality, while only around 11% are turned into Beaujolais Cru – higher quality red wine.

Red Sparkling wine from GAMAY grape is still quite unusual, although with rising popularity of the grape worldwide and amazing opportunities for wine maker from this grape, some wine makers already started to make Sparkling Gamay Wines. Such wines are bright in colour, with red berries (cranberry, wild cherry) aromas, a hint of sweetness in taste, low alcohol level, middle level of acidity.

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