LAMBRUSCO is the name of both  – an Italian red wine grape and a wine made from it. To be more accurate – Lambrusco is a name collectively used for a large group of grape varieties, currently, over 60. The grapes and the wine originates from in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy in Italy. The most common are six Lambrusco varieties: Lambrusco Grasparossa, Lambrusco Maestri, Lambrusco Marani, Lambrusco Montericco, Lambrusco Salamino, and Lambrusco Sorbara.

LAMBRUSCO grape itself is not essentially sweet, but is it very common to make sweet, sparkling, commercial Lambrusco wine. It is done by either stopping fermentation or by adding additional concentrated grape must. Grape is able to produce an excellent dry wine with strawberry notes when not fermented to make a sweet wine.

The most highly rated of LAMBRUSCO wines are the slightly sparkling red wines, that are designed to be consumed young. Even though wine can be made using traditional method, today Lambrusco is mainly made using Charmat method.

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