PINOT NOIR is a dark skin grape, used to make medium to full bodied red as well as sparkling wines. Pinot Noir is one of the grapes that are used in Champagne production too. This grape originates from Burgundy region of France. Today it is very popular in different continents even tough is difficult to grow – Pinot Noir requires warm days and cool nights, grape can be damaged by early spring frosts or early autumn rain.

In order to reach best results with PPINOT NOIR grape, winemakers have to control harvest level. This grape has ability, similar as Chardonnay, to absorb and reveal terroir in the wine taste.

There are many PINOT NOIR clones, but most of the wine, made from this grape, has red berries, sweet, fruity aroma, medium level of tannins and pale colour. Usually wine is suitable to drink young, but can be aged in a bottle for subtle aging aromas.

Today most PINOT NOIR is grown and France and the USA, followed by Germany, Italy and New Zealand. Wine from different countries has some regional differences – Californian and New Zealand wines has more raspberry and clove flavours, while European wines, as well as Oregon’s, delivers cranberries and mushroom related aromas.

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