TEMPRANILLO is popular Spanish wine grape variety with a thick skin, deep colour, long lasting and not too high in alcohol. According to Jancis Robinson, it is Spanish answer to Cabernet Sauvignon.

TEMPRANILLO is one of the most popular grapes in famous Rioja region. Tempranillo means “early” in Spanish, this might be due to grape’s ability to ripe early to compare with other similar grape.

Wine made from temptanillo has various taste possibilities – from strawberries, cherries, to leather and spices. Grape tends not to have one very distinctive fruit aroma other than oak in which it is aged in Rioja. That is the reason why in most of the cases this particular grape is mixed with other more fruity and perfumed kinds of wines. Today Tempranillo is grown in all Spain, making it one of the most popular between Spanish grape varieties.

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