MUSCAT (Moscato in Italy, Moscatel in Spain) is the name of one of the oldest and most widespread grape families in the world. Moscato grapes are believed to have originated in the Middle East and have been used in winemaking since the times of an ancient Greeks. Moscato’s presence over thousands of years in many different cultures suggests that it may be the oldest cultivated vitis vinifera grape.

Damp and deep soils are needed for MUSCAT grape to grow and ripe. It is sensitive grape and falls victim quite easily to many vine diseases. Normally early in spring muscats may also suffer from spring frosts.

MUSCAT wine aroma has intensive, aromatic, rosy-sweet, and easily-recognized aroma of muscat. Fruit flavors can be felt from peach, nectarine, apricot and orange to vanilla bean, jasmine or caramel. Uncommon for other wines, it actually tastes like grapes as well. Wine from Muscat grape is also called aromatic wine due to intensity of flavour and aromas.

Wines from MUSCAT grapes are mainly produced in Italy and France. They can be several styles – dry, sweet, sparkling. Probably most popular is sparkling wine from Muscat grapes, produced in North-Wester Italy.

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