White and Rose Sparkling

White sparkling wine pairs well with seafood like shrimps, calamari, oysters, fresh, salty and sour cheeses ( such as feta, sour cream).

Red Sparkling

Rose sparkling wine is an amazing companion to cured and smoked meats, duck, duck liver, tuna tartar, strawberries, raspberries, peaches and even chocolate.

Red Sparkling wine – goes beautifully with a meaty meal such as duck or lamb.

Different sweetness level wines

Brut Nature (with no sugar at all) sparkling wines is perfect to oysters, sashimi, black caviar, some cheeses.

Dry (brut/extra brut) sparkling wines match very nicely with oily, nutty and egg-based dishes, cured meat (appetizers like prosciutto), also middle weight Asian dishes.

Sweeter (semi sweet/sweet) sparkling wines are an amazing pair with the afternoon tea, delicate dessert Pavlova. Also it pairs with Indian curry or sweet chicken dishes.

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